Case study:
Jurassic World Evolution


Creative, culinary chaos

A bespoke, live-action event, bringing together two of the biggest YouTube gaming channels from either side of the Atlantic for a special, all-star, creative activation.

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Tasked with promoting Frontier Developments’ official Jurassic World theme park management simulator, we had a creative challenge comprising several significant factors. The scale of the Jurassic IP carries a huge amount of cultural weight worldwide, and so our response needed universal reach and resonance. The game also marked developer Frontier’s long-awaited return to wildlife management, after the legendary Zoo Tycoon series, and as such offered a very different, more thoughtful and creative proposition than the traditional, action-led Jurassic experience.



Taking advantage of the summer’s traditional, transatlantic hype for The Great British Bake-Off, we adapted the beloved format to the matter of creating dinosaurs rather than doughnuts. Turning away from the obvious running, screaming, hungry T-Rex horror, and steering deliberately into creative park-building and business management, we used the sedate, game show-tinged format to set the Yogscast and GameGrumps a series of tasks designed to highlight personality, comedy, and spontaneous interaction. Maximising this dream-team talent mix, we split the content series over both channels, with clear cross-promotion throughout. This drove US and UK communities alike to the complete offering, amplifying views across the board.

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29,990,620 total number of minutes watched in 28 days.