Case study:
Metro Exodus


Gruelling journey, grand production

A high-production, real-life recreation of a distinct and nuanced videogame world, as the foundation for an epic road-trip of themed challenges.



A videogame like Metro Exodus is a unique balance of cinematic scale and nuanced detail. A greatly evolved experience over its two, already-lauded, predecessors, the game’s move from subterranean linearity to trans-Russian, open-world expedition is a distinct and powerful characteristic to translate into creative content. At the same time, the post-apocalyptic series’ detailed, deeply layered, and visually unique world - with all its nuanced, literary origins - is a captivating gift to production that shouldn’t be ignored. Blending all of this important messaging into a single activation meant a complex production, conceptually and logistically.



After fine-toothing through an early build of the game, we turned all of its key locations, activities, and iconic aesthetic details into a Metro idea bible. We then condensed those ingredients into a series of exciting (but attainable), live-action challenges. And then, we worked out how to wrap the entire concept into a genuine, real-time road-trip. Running two races across the length and breadth of the UK - one for the local audience, one using German talent - we relayed crew and equipment back and forth between the Lake District and London over four days to keep the complex journey moving without a hitch. From canoeing, to orienteering and treasure-hunting, to tree-top escapades and ‘dangerous’ stealth infiltration, the content creators experienced the journey of their lives, draped in authentic Metro production design.

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5,845,360 total number of minutes watched in 28 days.