Case study:
Mr. Lee’s Noodles


Adventurous vlogging, appetising integration

A YouTube advertising integration hinging on carefully chosen creative collaboration. Brand values and ideological aspiration delivered with economy, through just the right association.  

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Looking to consolidate their success in the Australian market, UK brand Mr. Lee’s Noodles wanted to emphasise the ethos of healthy-living, spontaneous adventure, and active exploration inherent to their messaging. Pitching Mr. Lee’s as all-natural, nutritious instant food - a quick, easy, but nourishing fuel for adventure - we had to find regionally-suitable content creators whose output and audiences resonated with the larger ideals of the brand.  



After a couple of weeks’ talent research, and a sustained period of close, collaborative discussion with the client regarding creative preferences, we found the perfect collaboration. Partnering with Australian YouTube channel Sailing La Vagabond was the ideal solution to all of Mr. Lee’s needs. The family-driven Australian vlog following real-life adventurer couple Riley and Elayna - who gave up the land life to sail around the world in their catamaran home - proved a seamless fit for the brand, both logistically and aspirationally. With a large, very engaged audience drawn to the channel’s exotic visuals, adventurous spirit, and upbeat energy - and instant noodles a great solution to catering on a long, demanding voyage - an ad integration on a video showcasing the couple’s spontaneous, offbeat creativity was a great cultural fit.  

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