Case study:
Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Survival, stunts, and gameplay showcase

A multi-tiered, multi-creator campaign taking in influencer and client channels, led by a large-scale, in-house production event. Twin pillars of gameplay and live-action spectacle combined to drive the core brand messaging home.  

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The third game in the rebooted, harder-edged, modern Tomb Raider series, Square-Enix and Eidos Montreal’s Rise of the Tomb Raider could no longer rely on the shock of the new. While the series’ tone and hard-hitting sense of danger remained compelling, we had to find a way to re-emphasise that thrill and excitement, reminding a mass audience of the series’ sternly engaging adventure in a re-energised, more tangible way. In short, we had to make it more real, all over again.



Travelling into the north Wales wilds with five gaming and lifestyle influencers, and TV military expert Ant Middleton, we emphasised the games’ harsh, iconically punishing action with a series of fittingly unforgiving stunt challenges. We produced a cinematic, presenter-led treatment for Square-Enix’s official channels, and delivered more personal, influencer-led vlogs of each individual experience. These contrasting tonal formats provided the same blend of glossy, polished spectacle and raw, personal connection that define the latest Tomb Raider trilogy. The live-action production was swiftly followed with a more focused gameplay campaign, following up with the same group of influencers, to cement brand ambassador status and capitalise on their newfound adventuring authenticity.



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