Letting content creators do what they do best


We work non-exclusively with hundreds of influencers in the gaming and entertainment sectors to bring about content partnerships that thrive on their personal style and are embraced by their communities. We understand that content quality and brand suitability comes before anything else, and so we put all our efforts into finding you not just partnerships, but the right ones for your channel. Our mission is to support creators by getting them paid for the content they love to make.


What we can do for you



We want creators to be able to focus on making the content they love to make, reassured that everything else is well in hand. By building mutually rewarding relationships between creators and business partners, we ensure that you are fairly compensated for your work and grow your platform, without sacrificing the integrity of your brand.


Content partnerships

We work with brands looking to have their products showcased by creators and influencers. By finding appropriate partners for your channel, we can get you paid for the great content you make while bringing you closer to the brands and products you cover.


merchandise services

We have a team of experts and artists to help you design and manage your merchandise from the ground up. From crafting your bespoke artwork to setting up your store, we make sure your fans can show their support with high-quality merch they’ll love.


Event planning

Our connections within the events industry mean that we can design and execute any function of any scale you might need. We make sure to think of everything, so that you can concentrate on enjoying the event itself rather than worrying about the logistics.


From landing a major brand deal to launching my own merch store, Fourth Floor are an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re a great bunch of nerds.
— RTGame
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Fourth Floor Creative. Not only was the campaign presented to me a great opportunity that fit my channel perfectly but they were extremely professional and also very easy to work with.
— CallMeKevin