Identity V

Overview: 8-BitRyan, POiiSED (light, loads of personal address, taking the audience on the journey with him in both playstyles, with loads of CTAs and promises of community play on Discord game nights), Bryce Games

The treatment: Working to expand the western profile of mobile multiplayer horror game Identity V, we had two key challenges to overcome. Firstly, the game itself was a niche within a niche, being a specialist genre game on a format outside of the console and PC space traditionally synonymous with horror gaming. Secondly, with little existing brand traction for the game, we were going to have to work harder to attract audience eyes.

Our solution was similarly dual-layered. First, we honed in on influencers with a hardcore horror focus, ensuring an audience engaged enough in the genre as a whole to take an active interest in Identity V. Then, all three of our influencers further leveraged this cultural familiarity by steering into the game’s shared development heritage with Dead By Daylight, the biggest title in the genre, in order to ensure an easy mass onboarding.

Having established the optimal audience funnel, our influencers were free to showcase the game in the manner most appealing to their own viewers. 8-BitRyan edited together a pacey, energised, gameplay-driven introduction, BryceGames took a warm, real-time co-op approach, focused on funny player interactions, and POiiSED built his content around the game as a platform for community-building, with multiple CTAs to download it and join him in-game and on Discord. With the first three videos totalling more than half a million views, the campaign was a great success, to the the point that the client quickly booked a follow-up activation with Ryan, adding a further 167,000.



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