Just Cause 4

Overview: A high-impact event comprising gameplay videos and streaming content, synergised to build awareness of Just Cause 4 ahead of launch by utilising high profile talent.

The treatment: Talent choice here was instrumental in ensuring high audience engagement with all the content delivered (resulting in an average watch time of 23 minutes on YouTube). All the creators involved were hand-picked for their pre-existing, personal interest in the game, and for their potential to cause the precise brand of chaos that Just Cause 4’s free-roam gameplay allows. As such, the content not only excelled at showcasing the game, but sat well on their channels to deliver a very genuine - and well-received - natural fit.

Most of the influencers created 2 videos to further cement the brand and the game on their channel, and raise extra awareness to their audiences.

Introducing the framing device of Square-Enix’s Just Cause 4 Stunt Squad, to set the tone of the YouTube videos, we specifically had the chosen creators face off against each other to see who could create the most elaborate stunt in-game. This boosted both engagement and promotion, with the creator competition bringing about a talking point, and the verbal call-outs to opposing channels acting as a tempting CTA to check out the content across the wider campaign.

For the Twitch component of the campaign, we added similarly carefully chosen UK streamers to the already-selected German influencers, to fashion a multi-region take-over of Twitch the weekend ahead of launch. The aim of this co-ordinated assault was to get Just Cause 4 featured on the top Twitch page in gaming, a feat in which we succeeded in hitting the 7th place in Twitch’s ranking, with 2.5 years-worth of live content viewed during the event.



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