Jurassic World Evolution

Overview: A bespoke, live-action event, bringing together two of the biggest YouTube gaming channels from either side of the Atlantic for a special, all-star, creative activation.

The treatment: Taking advantage of the summer’s traditional, universal hype for The Great British Bake-Off, we adapted the beloved format (tent, country house gardens and all) to the matter of creating dinosaurs rather than doughnuts, and building empires instead of eclairs.

Turning away from the obvious running, screaming, hungry T-Rex horror, and steering deliberately into the creative park-building and business management of Frontier’s signature simulation series, we used the sedate, game show-tinged format to set the Yogscast and GameGrumps a series of tasks designed to highlight personality, comedy, and spontaneous interaction, with the Jurassic World: Evolution identity running right through.

Maximising this dream-team mix of talent (and the huge potential audience reach resulting from that), we ensured that the content series was split over both channels, with clear cross-promotion throughout. With both communities driven to the complete spread of content, the intended amplification in viewing figures was realised with great success, completing the sense of a stand-out cultural collaboration and community celebration, all centred around the game.