Nintendo Labo

Overview: A six-month channel management and in-house production campaign, turning Nintendo’s official Labo UK channel from a simple promotional outlet into a stream of creative, presenter-led content.

The treatment: Recognising that Labo - like many of Nintendo’s more unique products - needed a more practical and personal connection than traditional trailers and marketing could afford, we retooled the Nintendo Labo UK channel as a creatively-minded arts, crafts, and gaming show. By targeting the playful, imaginative value of the Labo conceit like this, and cutting straight to a family-oriented audience by echoing traditional, kids’ TV models, we created a long-term format that channeled Labo’s core values, and also added additional, practical value to the product itself.

Harnessing an episodic format to evolve both our content and the end-user Labo experience over time, we drove personal attachment to the product and content through personality-led presentation, both scripted and improvised. Our on-screen influencer talent chosen for their strong standing in related online content and within the wider Nintendo community, we mixed angled gameplay challenges, creative crafting projects, themed artwork, and even outside broadcasts and special guests.

From customised cardboard houses, to papier mache racetracks, even through to hybrid videogame and real-life party game development using Labo’s Toycon Garage tools, the channel delivered a deep (yet light, and constantly fun) dive into all the imagination, ingenuity, and creative expression that Nintendo intended Labo to evoke.



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