Overcooked 2

Overview: A live-action realisation of the game’s vital, core essence, delivering an afternoon long, on-location livestream and three standalone videos, and driving a huge amount of engagement and brand goodwill.

The treatment: A case of creative ingenuity and the power of a great, human hook triumphing over big budgets or lengthy production schedules, the Overcooked 2 challenge series was all about distilling the core appeal of the game (namely chaotic, culinary slapstick, fraught teamwork, and upbeat silliness) without resorting to traditional Let’s Play Formatting.

Elevating the Overcooked 2 experience to a new level of spectacle, we hired a food truck, reserved a chunk of Bristol’s Queen Square on a blessedly sunny day, and filled the area with our influencers’ friends and colleagues so as to keep the risk of food poisoning nice and quarantined.

From there we unleashed a restaurant-themed cook-battle, in which escalating pressure drove the Yogscast ensemble to deliver increasingly hilarious ‘abstractions’ of the food ordered. As the orders continued to come in, the complaints began to stack up, echoing the inevitable, catastrophic frenzy of the Overcooked experience. With crowds drawn, game branding sat proudly overhead the chaos, as the Onion King patrolled the area, trying (and failing) to keep things in order.



Overcooked 2 overview.png
Overcooked 2 engagements.png