Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Overview: A multi-tiered, multi-creator campaign taking in influencer and client channels, led by a large-scale, in-house production event.

The treatment: Travelling out into the north Wales wilds with a film crew, five gaming and lifestyle influencers (with TV military expert Ant Middleton in tow on presenting and survival expertise duties), we emphasised the hard-hitting, iconically punishing action of the modern Tomb Raider franchise with a series of fittingly unforgiving spectacles.

We produced a cinematic, presenter-led treatment for Square-Enix’s official channels, and also delivered more personal, influencer-led vlogs of each individual experience, augmented by our own crew footage. This dual-layered approach, with two contrasting tonal formats, ensured that this stage of the project provided the same blend of glossy, polished spectacle and raw, personal connection that the latest Tomb Raider trilogy has strived for from the start.

This initial hit of big production action was swiftly followed with a more focused gameplay campaign, following up with the same group of influencers, to cement brand ambassador status and capitalise on the air of Tomb Raider authenticity established by the live-action phase.