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We make working with influencers simple, impactful and profitable.

Our team of experienced marketing experts, content creators and data analysts has a proven track record of matching brands and products with the right online content creators to increase awareness, lift sales, establish product credibility and build an active community of brand advocates.


Influencer marketing and creator management


We’ve already reached millions of viewers through hundreds of creative, eclectic, influencer-led campaigns. Fundamental to our success is the fact that we pride (and understand) high quality content creation above all. We are fully immersed in the culture of what we help make, as well as the brands and creators we work with.

We can arrange targeted, crowd-pleasing, YouTube showcases on carefully hand-picked channels just as well as we can shoot death-defying, live-action feats delivered with the highest of production values. We provide successful, engaging livestreams, and also manage live events of every scale. Experts in all key online platforms, we get outstanding results, whatever the budget.


Branded content

Turn embryonic excitement into widespread engagement and awareness by getting your product or brand into the hearts and minds of the right influencer’s audience.



Sponsorship helps creators make more of what their audiences love, and puts brands in front of pre-engaged, ready-made communities. We can help you help each other.


Brand Advocates

Why buy an advert when you can recruit an army? The right influencer leading their community in support of your product creates a movement, not just marketing.


Talent booking

When a live event needs to boost, we can rally the brightest and best influencers with the most engaged audiences. And they’ll bring their communities along for the ride.


Creative services

Partnered with the Yogscast, we have a small labyrinth of studio and production resources. If you need in-house video creation, we literally have that in our house.


Channel management

As YouTube Certified experts, managing channel strategy and audience growth is in our nature. As is providing all the great content you need to make that happen.

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Brands we've worked with

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Fourth Floor are a strong partner for Square Enix and we have really enjoyed working with them. They are collaborative, provide solid strategy and have great contacts across the influencer sphere. Tapping into their in-house production facilities, we have been able to maximise our investment across multiple marketing channels and greatly expand our reach when needed.
— Anthony Newall, Marketing Director, UK and Export

Creators we've worked with


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